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Resources for Pet Families

It's normal to have questions about your pet's care.

When supporting your pet in advanced illness, being able to assess their pain levels and overall quality of life is important for both you and your pet's care team.

As you approach end-of-life, you may have questions about choosing the most appropriate time for euthanasia or what to expect during an in-home euthanasia.

And for those struggling following the loss of their pet, we have both downloadable resources and links to a number of support groups that can offer valuable help.

We also have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, helpful links, and a 'lending library' of items that may be helpful for pets in palliative care.

Preparing for Loss

Preparing for Loss

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Preparing for Loss

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Quality of Life and

Pain Assessment

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Pet Loss Support

Lazy Dog

How Will

I Know When?

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What to Expect

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Lending Library


Helpful Links

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