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Home Euthanasia

Compassionate care in the comfort of your home

The term "euthanasia" is derived from two Greek words, eu meaning "good", and thanatos meaning "death", so the two words combined mean "good death". 


Euthanasia is carried out by injecting the pet with a calculated dose of a barbiturate.  This will stop the pet's heart, brain activity, and bodily functions.  The pet has no awareness that this is happening, and death comes quickly usually within one minute.

Although euthanasia is painless and peaceful, pets respond to the barbiturate in various ways.  For instance, the pet may urinate, defecate, twitch, or even make a sound.  The pet is completely unaware of these things.  It is also important to know that your pet's eyes will not close completely after death, because it takes muscles to keep the eyes closed. 


Every veterinarian has his or her own procedure, and many use a combination of drugs to put the pet into a soothing state of relaxation.  This approach prevents some of these unexpected reactions from happening. 


Greenwood Veterinary Hospice will always provide injectable sedation prior to euthanasia, to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible.

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In-Home Euthanasia

When you and your veterinarian have decided that the time has come to say goodbye, our doctors can assist your pet's passing in the comfort of your home. 
Your pet will receive sedation by an initial injection, and only once relaxed and comfortable, will a final injection be administered to complete the euthanasia process. 

If desired, a hair clipping can be provided for a keepsake and ink paw and/or nose-prints can be made.
Aftercare services provided by
Gateway Pet Memorial can be coordinated for you, and following euthanasia, we will transport your pet and prepare them for cremation. 
Alternatively, we can allow your pet to remain with you, for family-directed aftercare.

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