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Before You Request an Appointment...


Has your pet recently been examined by a veterinarian?

If your pet has been under recent veterinary care for their current health issues, please have them forward a copy of your pet's medical records to


We want to ensure that you get to spend as much quality time with your pet as possible, so if your pet has not been examined by your veterinarian recently for their current condition, we encourage you to start there. 

If that is not possible, we would suggest that you schedule a telemedicine consultation to discuss the changes that you are seeing and determine if there are strategies that might be implemented to help your pet achieve an improved quality of life, and to help them get to spend more time with you.

Many times, we have received calls from families who have noticed changes in their pet that they believe indicate it is time to say goodbye.  However, sometimes these changes are due to a treatable condition, or simply require some additional care to support them. 


What to expect.

Whether you have been present at the euthanasia of other pets, or if this is your first experience of losing a pet, we want to ensure that you are fully aware of what to expect, and provide you with tips on how to keep both you and your pet as comfortable as possible that day.  

We have created three handouts to help you better prepare:

  • Before the doctor arrives - Tips and Suggestions

  • What to expect during the appointment

  • Helping Children Cope with Pet Loss



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Might there be ways to support your pet's needs at home?

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Which type of appointment should you request?

Palliative Care: If you are looking for additional therapy, are uncertain if it's time, or are struggling with the decisions surrounding euthanasia, scheduling a telemedicine consultation as a first step can provide information that many families have found helpful and reassuring.

In-home Euthanasia:  If your veterinarian has recommended euthanasia and you are comfortable with the palliative care your pet is receiving, or if you do not wish to pursue further diagnostics or treatments for your pet at this stage of their life, then we would be honoured to review your request for an in-home euthanasia appointment.


Aftercare Options for Your Pet

Much like with humans, there are options for care after death.  Most people choose to have a pet cremated, unless they have an option for burial at home, or at a cemetery specifically for pets.  (Be sure to check any local regulations and by-loaws about the burial of animals on residential property).  

Cremation uses high heat to reduce a body to cremated remains, or what most people call 'ashes'.  

A private or individual cremation allows your pet's cremated remains to be returned to you for keeping, burial, or scattering, and there is a wide selection of urns available to choose from.  

With a communal cremation, pets are respectfully cremated but cremated remains are not returned to the family.  

Greenwood Veterinary Hospice works closely with Gateway Pet Memorial to provide compassionate cremation services for our patients.  

For those families who wish to make their own cremation arrangements, we are fortunate to have Thistledown Pet Memorial, a wonderful crematorium located in nearby Uxbridge, that works directly with pet families.

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